Webmaster Services

SimpleUpdates offers Webmaster Services for your website and Social Media accounts. We are a full service support team no matter where you host your website. For turn-key solutions, we recommend the SimpleUpdates CMS, and you can include $20 for a basic website or $45 for a small e-commerce website to any of these support plans to get a complete website package plan.

We can update your website or can offer a turn-key solution starting from scratch using the SimpleUpdates CMS.

  • $85 per hour. If you signup for a retainer there is a discount. (Annual billing has an additional discount.)
  • $75 per month for 60 minutes of webmaster services. Add $20 for basic website hosting. Just call, text or email your website updates to us and we will update your site and social media accounts.
  • $130 per month for 120 minutes of webmaster services. Add $45 for e-commerce website hosting. Just call, text or email your website updates to us and we will update your site and social media accounts.
  • 4, 8 and 16 hour packages are also available with discounts.


SimpleUpdates personnel look forward to helping you flesh out your website ideas. From the initial questions to ongoing technical support, we are here to serve you. We are happy to explain the initial setup needs of your site and guide you through the steps of digitally sharing your passion with the world. 

Custom Design

SimpleUpdates v3 has great looking responsive designs that are made your own by adding your custom images and text. Do you have information that needs a unique layout? Do you want some custom help with a unique collection of data? If your content needs something custom, we can help! 

Live Media Streaming

Live and archived media streaming are available. Live streaming is included in our advanced website packages. We do not insert ads into your stream, we do not limit your stream quality or audience size. We make media streaming simple. Get started today!


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SimpleUpdates websites come with built in options for attracting the attention of search engines, but there are additional options for getting your website noticed. We have created our CMS with SEO in mind, and each site has automatic tools to help search engines index your site properly.

Data Entry and Content Maintenance

The best websites are never finished. There is always some way to improve your website. As new ideas come to mind, ask SimpleUpdates tech support how you can go about implementing your ideas. We are likely to tell you there is a module for that! We also offer ongoing webmaster services if you prefer, where we maintain the text and content of your website. Check out our Support Packages.

Webmaster/Tech Support

Sometimes our lives get way too busy and our best intentions are frustrated. SimpleUpdates offers webmaster services for editing when you just don't have the time - AND - if you happen to get stuck with an update, we'll hang in there with you until you're un-stuck. 

No matter what kind of services you need, you pay only for the time worked on your project. 

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