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"The SU content management system has always been so intuitive. Even if I don’t know how to do something I can figure it out."

- from a pastor who does all his own website updates, and recently upgraded to a mobile friendly theme.

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Camporee is an international event which focuses on the spiritual growth of young people in a fun-filled atmosphere. Every five years 50,000 young people meet together to share their love of life and learning in a tent/camper city. The record-keeping needs of this project are many, varied, detailed and specific.

Camporee’s search for an on-line registration option proved to be challenging. The big players were not interested in customizing their enterprise systems for Camporee’s needs. Open source registration systems offered complexities akin to putting a 747 airliner together from boxes of parts.

Enter SimpleUpdates.com. An intensive, multi-day collaborative session - Charette meeting — with our programmers produced an Agile development plan. The specific Camporee registration needs were prioritized allowing the on-line registration project to be written and tested in stages, and each additional need/stage built on what already worked.

The result: Very ‘happy campers’ . . . a powerful, easy to use, customizable user experience and a much simpler process for those administering the registration process.

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Custom Registration

This custom on-line Registration module includes:

Event Management
  • Event name/description/event dates/registration dates
  • Modular design and fully customizable
  • Multiple options Event tickets
  • A variety of event discounts
Individual Registration
  • Attendee profile that can be tracked across multiple events
  • Basic contact/demographic information
  • Ticket type selection
  • Meal plan selection
  • On-line payment
Club Registration
  • Allows single payment for tickets for the entire club
  • Offers contact/demographic information for both the club and club director
  • Allows for single person management of group
Individual/Club Management
  • Admin dashboard
  • Reports (age, gender, demographics, ticket type, financial . . . )
  • Attendee/club search (by name, id, email . . . )
  • Manage attendee’s profile (payment, upgrades/additions, cancellations, resend confirmation email)
Exhibit Registration and Management
  • Allows an attendee to purchase an exhibit
  • Assists Administrator create exhibit “packages”
  • Barcode scanning via SU registration app
  • Attendee check-in
  • Badge printing

Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries

ACM hired us to re-envision their old websites and create a new Chaplain Management Database. The objective was to create a beautiful mobile friendly website that worked seamlessly with a new database and our easy-to-use CMS. In all we built:

· A new database.

· An online signup form.

· A friendly administrative interface.

· Three mobile friendly website designs.

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New Database

The database was rewritten from the ground up to integrate fully with the website and provides an end-to-end solution for the chaplain management cycle. A chaplaincy candidate can apply on the website and the form submits directly into the database. Then administrators can easily review the applications, make notes and set the status to keep track of where each application is in the process of approval. After they are approved Chaplains can submit their yearly reports online, sign up for upcoming events, and sign-up/request resources to help with their various duties.

Administrators can easily communicate with the chaplains by filtering the list and sending them a message with the SimpleUpdates.com newsletter module right from their website.

New Website Designs

ACM runs three separate websites to serve their constituents. They wanted each site to have a unique look that would be attractive and allow their visitors to easily access the information most important to them. We created three mobile friendly designs that were distinct and adapted to each of their constituent demographics. For example, one of the sites allows visitors to use an integrated search to find a chaplain in their area while another allows members to sign up for various magazines and support resources.


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